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Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 4 Why Run? When you can Walk!!

The first Minds In Motion Walking Conference is sold out!!

Day 4 Why Run? When You Can Walk!!

We are really, really excited about the Move Your Body Change Your Mind Walking Conference that is happening in Waterloo tomorrow.  We are sold out and we have an amazing roster of presenters from all over southern Ontario that will be here sharing their wisdom with the attendees.

We are featuring workshops that are geared for all levels of walkers from the beginner to the novice race walker and even a fairly new flavour of walking technique that is called Chi Walking!
Check out our race website for details at: www.kwwalkingclassic.com

This is the very first conference of it's kind in Canada with a focus on walking as an athletic endeavor. There are a growing number of us that want to get out there and walk and reap the benefits that can be derived from an increase in muscle power through employing higher levels of technique.

At the conference I am presenting a talk relating to exercise and it's effects on the brain.  This is an area I have been investigating for many years, not as a neuroscientist but as a family member, concerned member of the fitness profession and society in general. 

We need to spread the word that exercise is a holistic path to better mental health for all of us and that we can inoculate ourselves against the devastating effects of the unending stress that faces us on a daily basis. Walking is great and some of us love to set walking goals and do races but we are doing far more for our brains than most of us realize. 

A huge thank you goes out to our conference presenters:
Lee Scott of WOW Power Walking in and around Toronto
Rogers Burrows of the Bytown Walkers in Ottawa
Dick Felton  Certified Chi Walking instructor, Sarnia
Rebecca Thompson  Homewood Health Center, Guelph
Stephen Filipowicz  of K W Pilates, Waterloo
and Dave Lewis of Walk On Strong! in Kitchener Waterloo

Let's start a movement ... around movement ... Walk On Strong!


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