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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 21 The coldest walk30 ... brrrr

Another memorable walk ... this walk was just outside Thunder Bay a few years ago ... the area is called Red Rock for very obvious reasons! It was too cold tonight to take a picture.

Day 21 ... and it was a cold, clear night in January!

The walk tonight reminded me of Thunder Bay. We used to live there in the mid 80's and in January you could count on it being cold ... I mean really cold.  Yes, So cold that even though we loved to cross country ski you would never go outside in the middle of a deep freeze in January ... NEVER.

It was minus 23 degree C with not too much wind so I thought that it wouldn't be that bad ... I was wrong ... but the dog and I survived to tell the tale!

Congratulations to the brave souls that were also out tonight and walked even further than I did on such a nasty night.  That is dedication to the walk.

I hope everyone is somewhere warm tonight!

Walk On Strong,


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