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Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 3 Memorable Walk30's

Day 3 Who could forget a walk down Banff Avenue in December?
This is a picture I took last week in Banff ... what a walk!
Dave and I and our 2 children went out to Banff last week to experience the mountains and what a day it turned out to be. On our way from Calgary it looked as though it was going to snow and that we would miss seeing the scenery all together but by the time we made it to Banff it was a little sunny and a little bit warmer ... lucky us!   It is always good to keep track of the walks that make a difference. There is something special about walking in such an amazing place with your family.

Today I had a walk with Annie and a lot of walking from one place to another while getting some errands done in the afternoon. I decided that if I parked far enough away I would get a good deal of my 30 minutes covered before I got all my groceries.  I parked about a kilometer away from Costco but it was tough walking back with all of the things I purchased that I hadn't planned on. At least I got my walk30 in!
I hope your walk was a good one too!
Walk On Strong!

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