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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 2 A Very Chilly Walk

Baby it's cold outside!
Day 2 and the weather is a challenge!
We are definitely experiencing a deep freeze this week and the temperature today was about 16 to 18 below and in the minus 20s with the wind chill. Ouch!! I decided upon 2 shorter walks to make sure that I did my walk30 and did not completely freeze, just partially.

Actually cold weather is a challenge but there is a lot to be said for conquering the weather and getting out when it is easy to feel shut in.
Remember to:
- cover your face with a scarf or balaclava
- three 10 minute walks are equal to your walk30  and just as beneficial to your health
- take smaller steps to keep your center of gravity close and to have more control if you slip or slide
- layers are warmer than one big jacket or coat
- top off your winter layers with something that will break the wind
- if you are walking at night use reflective clothing or lights to keep you safe and visible 
- the faster you walk the warmer you will feel

That's all for now ... enjoy your walk!
Walk On Strong,


  1. Oh it was indeed cold today! I went out on a 50 minute walk and then I'd had enough.

  2. You are so brave!! 50 minutes today was like walking all day ... good for you.
    Happy New Year!