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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 1 The Best Resolution ... Walking every day!

Annie is 2 years old and today is the anniversary of her first day with us in 2012

Day 1 of 2014 and I finished my very first walk30 ... as a matter of fact I barely made it under the wire because it is 12:01 and I am just sitting down to write. I was out the door with our Newfoundland Annie after spending a lazy evening watching TV.  It seemed especially difficult to even think of getting myself into action and dressed for the bitter cold we have been experiencing here in southern Ontario. But after 2 years of walking30 I just knew that it was going to happen!

It was a special walk today because it was exactly 2 years ago that we picked Annie up from the kennel on New Years Day. I am quite grateful for Annie as she is the reason I manage to get out the door on the days that I feel like staying in my chair. There is something about the commitment to your dog that just makes it easier to do that walk.

I hope you join me in my resolution to walk 30 minutes every day in January and maybe even for the whole of 2014! It will make a difference in your life in so many ways. I am going to highlight this YouTube video by Dr. Mike Evans that will give you a multitude of reasons to make a resolution to walk30.  I have featured it in my blog a few times but it really is fantastic!
If you really get the walking bug you can also come walk with me at the Minds In Motion KW Walking Classic in May! Training for a goal is a super motivator ... try the 5K, 10 K or the 21K Half Marathon.  We even have a 10 K Nordic Pole event! Walkers only of course!
You can register at: www.kwwalkingclassic.com

Happy New Year Everyone!
Walk On Strong,

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