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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Day 15 and 16 Walking30 on the weekend

Snow drifts piled high in Owen Sound ... my friend Uwe and his dog zoo!

Saturday morning was clear and cold ... nice for a walk though
Day 15 and 16 ... it was a sunny weekend and great for walking.  We had a 10 K walk on Saturday and it was a slip, slidy walk around our route. I am sure that we could add on another 3 ot 4 Km with all of the snow on the path.
It is a good idea to take it a little slower when the conditions are like this.  You never know when you might hit a patch of ice or a very uneven sidewalk.

Today was another sunny Sunday so I had a walk with Annie our dog in the afternoon and then another moonlit walk tonight.  It was good to get out there ... today was also a computer work day so it was a welcome break to get out the door.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Walk On Strong!

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