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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 1 Should We Resolve to Move Toward our Best Self?

Now is the time to create goals and habits that will build a healthier life


I LOVE January first ... I don't know about you but this is just the best time of year for looking at yourself in mirror and asking the tough questions ... the one I keep asking myself is: Why do I keep getting in my own way when I just want to live my best and healthiest life?

I just got back from a family Christmas in Alberta and I find that when I am out of town and on a vacation it is even harder to eat a healthy diet and keep up with my walking habit. If you throw Christmas and the massive number of treats and occasions that revolve around all the worst kinds of indulgences ... well ... you get the picture.  

On every news stand the magazines are prophesying the latest way to lose that belly or shed the holiday weight ... it all adds up to the fact that we over indulge and then beat ourselves up over what we have done to our body. We do it every year and create more stress in our lives and it isn't just our body that suffers it also effects our mind.

I am not sure I have the definitive answer on this question but I am resolved to look at what is getting in my way very closely and bring you some useful ideas and challenges in the walk30 blog this month. 

In the meantime I would suggest that you join me in walking30 today and for the next 30 days ... if you miss a day ... be kind to yourself and just keep on getting out the door.

It seems that we are made to reinvent ourselves so if you are ready to create the best and healthiest you in 2015 ... you are in good company.  Please share ideas and walks with me in the comment section or on Facebook ... I would love to hear about your walks!

Today was a work holiday so I challenged myself to get out for a longer walk  ... it was bitterly cold here with strong winds but I dressed in a lot of layers and it wasn't too bad after all.

Why should we keep walking toward a healthier version of ourselves? ... because we are worth it! 

Happy New Year to all!

Walk On Strong!



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