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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Day 6 Saturday morning walk

Day 6 ... and we are out the door to walk with our Walk On Strong group! 

One of my favorite group pictures!

I have a bit of a sore foot this morning so I am missing the 14K walk at 8 a.m. Dave and I are heading out for 6 K with the 9 a.m. group and then to breakfast and great coffee. Saturdays have been like this for over 7 years for my husband and I ... walking with a wonderful group of friends every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.  There are lots of other activities that could keep us busy on a Saturday morning but these walks have helped us stay on track with our health goals and be connected to community in so many ways.

If you live anywhere near Waterloo Region in Ontario .... come and visit us some Saturday. I am starting a new weekly blog for the group and I will post it here soon.  It will give people details as to how and where to join us and other activities that are going on in the area that members might be interested in.

Keep on Walking Strong!

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