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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ways to Fit Your Walk Into Your Day!

              Dance30, Leap30, Jump30, Ski30                           ... do whatever you want ... just move!

 Day 4 
Minds In Motion Initiative                                   30 Day Walk30 Challenge
If you are having a hard time fitting in your walk30 and the cold wind is blowing consider just taking it to the mall ... start off with a serious walk around the periphery a few times and then do a little shopping or maybe head to the show.

Last night my walk30 was on the dance floor ... I teach a class on Wednesday nights that is just a blast ... show up and dance, dance, dance .... little yoga and relaxation and you feel like a million!  Put on the music, turn it up loud and treat yourself to a dance30 ... it counts!!

Let us know about your walk30 ... take a picture, post on FaceBook, blog or tweet about it …#walk30withmimi
Walk with us in support of mental health on May 10th in the MIMI KW Walking Classic for more information and registration at www.mimiwalks.com

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