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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Interval Training Strengthens Your Body and Your Mind!

You need to push your limits a few times during your workout to reap maximum benefits.

Day 22 Minds In Motion Initiative 
             30 Day Walk30 Challenge
We are always on the lookout for reasons to walk that are highlighted in research and in the news.  This weekend we found a few interesting articles in the New York Times and at The Daily Mail website from the UK. 

One article was about HIT, High Intensity Interval training.  The article outlines the amazing the results that a few MINUTES ( that's right, minutes!) of 'as fast as you can' walking or high intensity exercise intervals in any sport can have.  I encountered the concept years ago as a group cycling instructor and have been totally convinced of the power of this simple training technique ever since It was easy to convert H.I.T. to fit with our power walking routine.

Walking at top speed, your personal top speed, for even 20 seconds and repeating that 20 second burst of intensity 3 or 4 times in a half hour walk can create amazing benefits. The super fast intervals are always followed with at least 3 to 5 minutes of recovery.  Every workout needs a warm up, a cool down and stretch ... your done in just around a half hour. Repeat this routine a few times a week and you will reap tremendous benefit.

Check out this article to see what a difference it made in the health of the author.  Here is the link:  How minutes of exercise a week changed my life  written by Vincent Graff
If you are really keen the Greatest website has a wonderful infographic

 The Complete Guide to Interval Training
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