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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Day 25 in December means a Christmas Walk30

Heading off on our walk30 today ... not a speck of snow ... even a bit of green

Day 25 in December means a Christmas Walk30
Do you remember how we used to long for this day when we were kids? ... it just seemed as though the big day would never come and you could hardly sleep for the excitement.  
When we were kids we would sneak out of bed and go down to the family room and sit in front of the lit Christmas tree and just take in the mountain of gifts ... there were 8 children in our family ... there were literally mountains of gifts.  It was a site to behold and just the best day of the year.
On our walk30 along the Grand River today Dave and I were talking about how fast time seems to fly along as we get older ... now we are saying "How did Christmas come along so fast this year? .... what happened to December?".
There is a lesson in here for us somewhere ... possibly if we just become more childlike in our approach to life and feel the excitement of every day ... especially days like Christmas ... maybe time will slow down for us a little.
We can always hope.
Walk on Strong! 
...and Merry Christmas too!

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