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Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 24 Walk30 is a stretch when your tired

Part of the Walk On Strong Team 2012 at the Kw Walking Classic ... we are here!

Day 24 Walk30 is a stretch when your tired

It's funny I was just really feeling tired today and it was the first day in a while that I have felt that it was a stretch to actually get out the door.  I went out for a 20 minute walk around dinner time and I thought "oh, it won't be hard to finish off my walk30 tonight with a walk with Annie our dog".  We left it until late and I actually fell asleep while watching a show on TV!  I almost gave in to the feeling that sleep was calling ... then I snapped into walk30 consciousness and said "we have to get the dog out".  What I was really saying was that I had to get myself out the door!

Of course I also had to get my blog done ... so I was upstairs on my computer thinking about what to write and no ideas were coming so I looked through the photos I took yesterday ... then I found one that was sent to me by Mike from our Walk on Strong Team.  How can I feel uninspired when I look at that amazing group of people who we have been walking with every week for so many weeks that I can hardly remember. 

This is the reason that we are getting out the door ... the connection to people ... it truly helps. If you are feeling that it is just a struggle at times to give yourself the gift of a walk30 ... maybe you just need help or a friend or two to motivate you.

Hats off to the Walk On Strong Team!!

Walk On Strong,


Congratulations to all of you who walked in,  volunteered and supported the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic!

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