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Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to Avoid Falling on a Winter Walk

This is what happens when you don't handle the ice well!

Day 10  Minds In Motion Initiative 
 30 Day Walk30 Challenge

Even More Walk30 Winter Walking Advice  ... When the path is ice covered make sure that you are taking very small steps.  You want to keep your center of balance under your trunk.  If you are taking large strides it is very hard to recover from a slide. (ouch!)  Take great care and focus on your steps and what is under foot. In good clear weather we encourage everyone to hold their head high and look down the road which keeps your body tall and strong.  In the winter when the road or sidewalk is icy it is a better idea to keep checking where your feet are stepping.  You want to have many long walks this winter and most days the path will be clear. 
Walking in the winter can become a meditative process when you are focusing your awareness on your body and in the moment.
It was a little warmer today (-5 C) and there was a layer of water on the ice ... be especially vigilant when there is a little fresh snow cover or the ice is somewhat melted ... it is a lot more slippery in these conditions.

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