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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Walking Can Help You Sleep!

 A calm mind helps when looking for a good sleep!

Day 11  Minds In Motion Initiative 
              30 Day Walk30 Challenge

Walking30 can help you sleep!  Spark People (www.sparkpeople.com) is an incredible website for those who are attempting to change their habits and move into a healthier lifestyle. Track your steps, your food and have access to a a wealth of health and fitness information... and it’s free.
This SparkPeople article about   How exercise can help you sleep.  In this article they site a lot of research that supports this theory and walking 20 to 30 minutes 3 or 4 times per week is one of the best ways to accomplish a number of sleep benefits.  It is also well known that sleep deprivation has a huge impact on our mental health and our ability to keep abdominal fat to a minimum.

One caution that they mention in the article is that you shouldn't race out the door just before you go to bed ... it can keep you from falling asleep right away.  Therefor, if you need to get your walk30 in before your head hits the pillow ... make it a slow easy walk that will calm you down.  Keep your interval training for an early morning or an afternoon walk.
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Walk On Strong!

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