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Friday, 13 March 2015

Beginner Plan to Walk in a Five K event!

Now is the time to get out walking!

There is nothing better for getting you out the door walking than having a goal to walk toward.  How about a five K distance?  It is doable ... even if you haven't walked in a very long time there is still a possibility if you just start to walk on a regular basis. One of my favorite walking websites is About.com Walking with Wendy Bumgardner.  Wendy is a certified marathon coach (RRCA). She is an avid walker who keeps abreast of the latest research and information on walking for weight loss, fitness and sport. 
She has a great blog that every walker or  aspiring walker should sign up for.

This week Wendy has an article that speaks to Training for 5 K Race Event For Beginners.

Please check it out and consider registering right away for the  K W Walking Classic and walking in support of mental health on Sunday, May 10th.  You won't regret it and you will actually be doing yourself a favor both physically and mentally!  We all want to be healthier and it is as easy as walking out the door.

Go to www.mimiwalks.com for more information about registration.

Walk On Strong!

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