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Friday, 10 July 2015

Monday to Friday ...This week's walks

July Day 5 to Day 10 Walking 30 every day

 Unstoppable ... I found this video this morning and wanted to share it. It made me think about how we all begin this journey in life felling unstoppable but over time we receive the message that we should be somewhat afraid of taking chances and pushing forward. It might not seem to fit with the theme of walking but I think that we carry this fear of failure into so many aspects of our life ... we want to be the best we can be but what if we fail? Why try? mI love the way these young women are knocking down the boxes ... breaking through barriers ... we could all use some of that.
This is Terra Nova our 2nd Newfoundland ... wonderful dog who got us out the door every day

 I have been walking my way through this week in a variety of ways. Every day there has been a walk with the dog ... having a dog has saved me from a sedentary day so may times I can not keep track. If you have a dog you could be seen as having an unfair advantage in the Walk30 Challenge especially if you have a dog that sits in front of you at about 10 p.m. and whines:)

Check out this article from Wendy the walking expert at About.com ... all about the benefits of walking your dog.

The latest addition to our family is Annie

Walk On Strong!

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